Canoe Brewpub: New Beer Promotional Videos

project scope

Promote Canoe Brewpub’s new beer line up, starting with the four Mainstays.

canoe beer


Authentically and emotionally connect the new branding and beer line up with the audience through tying in the PNW adventurous lifestyle.



How many times can a PNW lifestyle brand tell the story of the great outdoor west coast adventure? In our initial brainstorming sessions, we realized we were on the verge of regurgitating stories that have already been told, however, we also knew we couldn’t stray away from it either. The Canoe brand literally eats, breaths, and lives the west coast vibe.

After kaiboshing our first storyline, we went back to the drawing board. What specific types of west coast activities truly connect with our audience? Inspired by Beyonce and Jay-Z’s On The Run II tour promo video, the idea of slowing down a moment came to mind.


We decided to produce four shorts that each paired a Canoe beer with a leisurely west coast activity: cycling, surfing, hiking, and canoeing (couldn’t leave this one out, obvs).


Focusing on natural soundscapes, macro shots and a combination of fast & slow-motion effects, the intention was to capture not only those tiny blissful moments that encompass a memory, but how one recalls that memory.

campaign roll out

We launched the shorts on social media with a heavy emphasis on Canoe’s Instagram feed, stories, and TV.


We thought coupling minimalistic copy with the voice and tone of the videos would be effective. However, we learned this concept was too subtle and abstract, and our voice wasn’t ‘loud’ enough to garner the engagement and attention we aimed for.

For the two remaining videos, we pivoted our approach by making it more tangible for the audience. We revised the copy to include food pairings, flavour profiles, and giveaways, resulting in increased engagement.

View all four videos

Justine Shu: concept, storyboarding, creative direction, social media campaign strategy

Jeff Wright: project management, storyboarding, creative direction

Andrew Nixon: social media implementation

Julien Champarou: project management

Braedan Houtman, Monnik MediaWorks: videography & editing

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