Cleanline Construction: Brand Identity, Web Design

Munro Engineering

project scope

Brand identity, logo design, business cards, website design


Brand identity: Design a logo that reflects the company's approach of modernity, friendliness, and high attention to detail.

Website: build a simple landing page with SEO integration that showcases past work and contact info. Since Evan wanted to maintain it himself in the future, I recommended Squarespace.


Owner, Evan’s personal lifestyle of west coast adventure and exploration seeps into how he runs his small business. He prioritizes fun and play just as much as providing quality work and consistent craftsmanship. Whether he’s surfing in Bali or renting a cabin in Tofino, you can bet that he’s found top notch conditions at a fair price. Evan establishes trust super easily with his clients and arguably anyone who interacts with him.

During the design process, I was quite fixed on emphasizing “clean lines” in the logo. As I continued down this literal route, all of the iterations felt too stark and were missing the company’s sense of adventure. Wood grain patterns felt too playful and childish, losing the focus on Cleanline’s sophistication.

I browsed through Evan’s photos of past jobs and was drawn to an A-frame structure shown above. The concept of Cleanline providing a safe and beautiful roof over their clients’ heads/projects came to mind. The trees were added for west coast pride and Cleanline’s eco-friendly approach.

"You did such great work. I get compliments all the time, I will definitely refer you to anyone else who asks."
-Evan Bongaerts

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