Munro Engineering: Brand Identity, Web Design

Munro Engineering

project scope

Brand identity, logo design, business cards, website design - simple landing page for contact info reference only.


Reflect Munro’s characteristics of strength, integrity, and collaboration.


Byron came prepared with a few sketches he had in mind. The initial pathway of the design process was an obvious route: make the ‘M’ in Munro fit into the shape of a mountain peak. What came to fruition felt generic, boring, and didn’t encapsulate the company’s strength in a way that spelled ‘modern, west coast, and approachable.

I began studying various steel structures and landed on the use of geometry within the discipline. It fascinates me how some of the most complex looking buildings, bridges and highway systems are founded on understanding the geometry of shapes and knowing how to assemble them. A seemingly simple notion.

The analysis rooted me back into my number one principal as a designer: keep it simple. So, I incorporated the ‘M’ into a basic frame instead. 100% black suddenly felt too commercial, so I knocked it back to 95%… funny what a 5% colour variance can do!

“The business is going really really well and clients like the graphic design. I have enjoyed the professionalism your graphic design has brought to my company. Thus, Thank you again for that.”

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